How the Compensation Plan Works

How the Paparazzi Compensation plan works!! 

Whenever we decide we want to become a part of a company we always want to know how we get paid, right? That helps us determine if the opportunity is worth our time. We trade time for money with any position we decide to pursue.

As a consultant with Paparazzi we get paid a few different ways. The first way is to sell your inventory. As a consultant you purchase your items at wholesale cost and are able to sell them for a retail profit. All consultants make 45% commission off sales. Therefore, each adult piece you purchase for $2.75 you can sell for $5 each.

The second way you can make an income with Paparazzi is to grow a team. Helping other ladies also get started with their journey as a consultant and teaching them everything they need to know to become successful. The following link is a video on my YouTube channel I created that tells you just how you can make that additional income by growing a team of ladies to work along side of you. 

Each consultant is their own boss but because you helped them get started as a consultant and they joined with the idea of wanting you to lead them paparazzi rewards you by offering you some extra commission and that is extra money in your pocket on top of your jewelry sales. There are many other opportunities as you grow to earn other cash bonuses, incentive trips, and vacations. If this sounds like something you would like to pursue, what are you waiting on?

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